smallest smartphone 2015 - Motorola Moto E


smallest smartphone 2015 - Motorola Moto E

Motorola is not just any company. In the two years he is making history literally changed the smartphone market. The first Motorola Moto G is the best-selling throughout the journey of the company, and this new Motorola Moto E 2015 reminds a lot, maybe too much, brother. Undoubtedly, it is the best entry-level smartphone you can buy.

A characteristic design

The Motorola Moto E 2015 fails to revolutionize the entire collection of smartphones from Motorola, but rather as a smartphone with a design continuity, and thus we see the elements that have already become classics in Motorola terminals. Its back cover warped greatly facilitates gripping smartphone, but also prevents this being stable on a table. However, it is quite ergonomic when used with the hand, and that is always appreciated.

Perhaps the biggest innovation in the design of this smartphone resides in the housing and can not be removed, but now all that can be removed is the frame of the smartphone, which certainly can be replaced by another of a bright color, trying to give a touch of originality to the terminal. Removing this framework will have access to the SIM and microSD slot card. By the way, it has a rough touch, which in turn also facilitates grasping smartphone and prevents falls from it.

In terms of size, it is relatively small, because its screen is small, to be discussed below, and yes we see two features, greater thickness and weight than usual in a higher range. Although not exaggerated, it does speak of the fattest smartphone company in the last year, which on the other hand, was expected. Weight, although higher, is less noticeable because it is still a small smartphone, therefore a reduced weight.

It is available in two colors, black and white. The plastic just is matte, which is appreciated, it does not give it the appearance of cheap mobile, or end up as striped like previous models. As already mentioned, the interchangeable frames allow us to bring you a detail of interesting color.

Screen and very acceptable sound

In this age of smartphones and large audiovisual content, two components like the screen and speaker are the stars. In this case, though, we can not expect great features if we consider that is an entry-level smartphone with a very affordable price. Even so, the screen grows in size with respect to the previous screen Motorola Moto E, going from 4.3 inches to 4.5 inches which has the model of this year, which for us is a really useful size a smart phone, still big enough to type on keyboard, and view content, but also small enough to please all those users looking for a smartphone of smaller dimensions.

 Perhaps the most questionable of this smartphone comes with screen resolution that is qHD, 960 x 540 pixels, which means it is not high definition, and that really noticeable, because the density is in the 245 pixels per inch. In any case, it would expect from a smartphone of this type, and I must say that after having thoroughly tested we have not found a big problem, we have become accustomed very quickly to this resolution. To our knowledge, it is more questionable that the digitizer panel, the touch panel, include sensors that are more visible light than other smartphones, and they seem to generate columns on the screen itself. It is not a defect of the screen itself is not a malfunction, but can sometimes be noticeable to which much fixed.

However, it includes a glass Gorilla Glass 3, which protects the screen from scratches lot and for us it is an essential element in a smartphone, and very hard to find in such an economic terminal. An outstanding detail.

As far as sound is concerned, I must say that we have many drawbacks. The front speaker which account pays pretty well. It is very difficult to find a mobile with quality speakers. Those who take the best speakers even have audio quality approaching any slightly higher speaker we have at home, so this speaker, although low-end, not be a problem. It gives a sufficient volume and clarity.

Chamber of limited resources

If you are looking for the best camera on a smartphone, this is not for you, but chances are that if you want to think that spending a lot more money. We will not have problems if we want to capture photographs to send WhatsApp. It is five megapixels, but does not include LED flash, so you can not use the smartphone as a flashlight. 

And yes we miss some more options. Still, we think that is the most basic of Motorola smartphone, and you can not ask for more. Of course, if you buy do not expect that pictures will surprise you. To this we must add a recording quality at the same level, and a VGA front camera that is not too useful, it must be said, though it could serve to a video call with a person who is not blind.

Good performance, though ...

Motorola smartphones are probably the best as far as performance is concerned. Of course, the flagships always work well regardless of the manufacturer. When we lower range is where the optimization of each manufacturer note, and Motorola great advantage is that it uses a very lightweight software almost pure Android, with a few additions. In this case, we talk about Android 5.0 Lollipop, in a very similar version of the Nexus. Certainly, it is something to highlight the already having Lollipop.

The operation of the smartphone is not bad, probably better than any smartphone of this level and with this price. Something that should not only such a pure agradecérsele ROM and with as few additives, but also the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 64-bit processor, and 1 GB RAM. However, it is true that we have noticed several slowdowns on the phone. No shutdowns in applications, but rather it takes to run applications, or different orders it takes to be understood. In that sense, it is worse than the first Motorola Moto G with Android 4.4 KitKat. And we believe it is mainly due to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The new version of the operating system is still unknown to the manufacturer, and came with many visual and internal developments, making it difficult to optimize it.

To this we must add a further problem, which is that the smartphone has problems with certain WiFi networks, a problem that has not yet been clearly identified and are suffering a significant number of users. Again, we are probably talking about a software problem.
Hopefully this is resolved with an update shortly, although it is a detail to consider, especially to know what to expect from this smartphone.

Battery, and memory

Two common problems in smartphones are the battery and the memory of it. The latter is often key to defining the operation of the smartphone. Generally, a forgetfulness produces unexpected closures apps, slow to use the smartphone in a general way, etc. Although it is true that there are some errors that might relate to them and we have discussed in the previous section, the truth is that we do not perceive other things that are typical of the lack of memory. Overall, the smartphone holds the implementation of certain applications very nicely. There seems to be with long locks. 

Its internal memory is 8 GB, a figure that is quite remarkable for such inexpensive smartphone. For us it is the minimum with which has to have a smartphone to offer a good experience. We have seen many basic range to 4 GB, so for us this 8 GB are remarkable.
As far as battery is concerned, we have been surprised. It is 2,390 mAh, a very high figure for a smartphone with a screen of 4.5 inches. And it shows in the autonomy. It is capable of achieving five hours of display on, resulting in a range exceeding the day. It allows us to spend a whole day without worrying about the battery, and even still have some autonomy for the next day, if we want to load the smartphone in the morning or at noon. This is usually not common in entry-level smartphone. And the funny thing is that this is one of the first smartphones that gets us forget the constant concern for battery running out. Undoubtedly, a stand out.


The one fact we can not forget is one of the main features of this smartphone, which also is new in such economic smartphone. If you have hired a data rate with any operator, most likely, this already offers 4G. There are more expensive than the Motorola Moto E 2015 not including 4G smartphones, but this one did, so you can take advantage of high-speed connections with your smartphone to download videos or large files faster, or simply to have a more stable connection .


However, the highlight of this smartphone is its price. It is curious that even lesser known brands smartphones were priced so cheap when Motorola launched the first Moto E. Following all that much more had to adjust their prices. But despite this, the benchmark remains the basic range. Its price is set at 129 euros as the official figure launch. But it is a number that will soon forget. We will take very little to see for under 120 euros, not too much in his approach to 100 euros. The previous version is now at just over 70 euros, so it makes sense that over time this new Motorola Moto E 2015 also comes close to that price. Without a doubt, it is the best way to make that money if you buy a smart phone.

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